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"Great Crowd" of "Other Sheep"
The Watchtower Society has taught since 1935 that the "great crowd" is composed of the "other sheep", also saying that Jehovah ended the selection of the anointed in that year. Other Christians state that the "other sheep" refers to "Gentiles". Jehovah's Witnesses claim that this scripture refers to a group that began to exist in 1935 onward, although with the latest "new light" that the anointed were not fully selected in 1935, this teaching about 1935 is in doubt. What about the "great crowd"? Is it an earthly or a heavenly group? What does the Bible say? (Further research has been done on this, and can be found at: I make no claim of special Bible knowledge, in spite of having gone to Gilead. I am not looking for followers. I merely hope to empower people to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions, as the 1954 Watchtower urges: WT 54 4/15 p. 230 How God Gives Faith "The credulous are unable to bear the burden of thinking, of weighing evidence and of following logically from causes to effects. They go by emotion, by feeling, sentimentality or fear. They believe because of inclination, prejudice, circumstances or hope of reward, and so are subjective instead of objective in religious matters." Please don't be credulous. Don't insist on your belief because of emotion or "hope of reward". Think for yourself! Comments on this subject are welcome, but personal attacks are not and will be deleted. If you want to know why I left JWs, please see my <b>...</b>
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