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    Hey there, How are you? I was wondering if you are still a member? I see your still here but do you actually use this site? I find that it is hard to find anyone on hear to chat with. I am just trying to make friends and I am trying to get some answers too. I myself feel a little lost and confused about religion it's self. I have a crazy story with being a witness. I had left, for awhile and I started studying again. I just have lots of questions and again have confusion. I had met someone on here for a friend that I still talk to but it is not often, just every now and again. It would really be nice to find someone to talk with a few times a week. I just moved to a new area. I work from home and live in a rural area. I do get out from time to time but I still don't get the socialization, I'd like for making friends. My pal email is if your not on here anymore and ever want to chat. Thanks and Take Care

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am I on facebook??? ;)
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09/14/12 (3137 days ago)
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