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For 25 years the leadership of the Jehovah’s Witnesses have instructed its elders to keep cases of child sexual abuse secret from law enforcement and members of their own congregations, according to an examination of thousands of pages of documents in recent cases. The internal documents obtained by Reveal show that the Witnesses have systematically instructed elders and other leaders to keep child sexual abuse confidential, while collecting detailed information on congregants who prey on children.
1005 days ago
A new animated video produced by the Jehovah’s Witnesses has surfaced that informs children that if they don’t pay attention at the meeting, they do so at their own peril. Sparlock would be proud.
1006 days ago
Team 10 has obtained a video that some people say helps to prove Jehovah's Witnesses covered up child abuse for years. In a video deposition taken in 2011 during a civil lawsuit, admitted serial pedophile Gonzalo Campos said he abused several children in his San Diego congregation from the early 1980's through the mid 90's. "I did abuse him," said Campos in the video. "I touched his private parts."
1579 days ago
Michael Jackson';s daughter Paris tried to kill herself because she hates living with her oppressive gran, a cousin claims. Tanay Jackson said Paris, 15, slashed her wrists and took pills after rows with 83-year-old Katherine over her Jehovah’s Witness beliefs and strict rules.
1605 days ago
LONDON, England (CNN) -- Religious beliefs prepare to be tested as the world's oldest known Christian Bible goes online Monday -- but the 1,600-year-old text doesn't match the one you'll find in churches today.
1623 days ago
The Jehovah's Witnesses organisation keeps a sex offenders register that nobody outside the church is allowed to see, a former "elder" tells Panorama.
1653 days ago
A long-lost gospel that casts Judas as a co-conspirator of Jesus, rather than a betrayer, was ruled most likely authentic in 2006. Now, scientists reveal they couldn't have made the call without a series of far more mundane documents, including Ancient Egyptian marriage licenses and property contracts.
1684 days ago
10 Observations About Jehovah's Witnesses and the Book of Revelation
1691 days ago
There's a reason churches are struggling to maintain membership
1766 days ago
$3 Billion class action lawsuit on behalf of Jehovah’s Witnesses children
1792 days ago
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