One final question many ex-Jehovah's Witnesses have once realizing the truth about 'the Truth' is whether the Jehovah's Witness Organization itself is also blinded by their own false teachings, or whether they're purposely lying to their members. It's one thing to imagine that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society might truly be teaching others what they consider to be the real truth on religious matters as they see them. But imagine if that wasn't the case. What if they were actually purposely misleading their own people and others? We present the evidence.

Exhibit A: One of the most blatant examples of Jehovah's Witnesses picking and choosing bits of information to fit their agenda while omitting important counter facts is in their case for a stake versus a cross. In the book Reasoning From the Scriptures Jehovah's Witnesses quote from The Imperial Bible-Dictionary to prove that Jesus died on a stake. But take a look at the actual page showing the exact opposite was actually being implied, you have to see it for yourself.

Exhibit B: The amount of half-quotes in the book Life--How Did It Get Here? : By Evolution Or By Creation? is astounding!  Misquotes in the Creation book.

Exhibit C: Jehovah's Witnesses have been specifying timeframes for the end of the world for a very long time. They've also changed the meaning of 'this generation' a myriad of times, calling it 'new light'. But what's even more astonishing is them calling others who have incorrectly predicted the end of the world 'guilty of false prophesying'. Pot, meet kettle.

Exhibit D: Charles Taze Russell founded the Jehovah's Witness religion based on Pyramidology. Russell tied in the measurements of the internal passageways of the Great Pyramid of Giza to first calculate the pivotal date of 1914. That's right, 1914 was based on the measurements of pyramids! In 1928 the Watchtower society abandoned the pyramidology from their religion but kept the 1914 date, which required them to come up with a new way of calculating it because it is so pivotal to their religious beliefs. To do this, they had to fudge the numbers of the fall of Jerusalem to 607 BCE, when all reference books, both secular and religious, agree that Jerusalem was actually destroyed in 587-586 BCE. Clearly they knew what they were doing

Exhibit E: While on the one hand Jehovah's Witnesses say that if you find your religion is false be willing to leave it, anyone who tries to leave their organization is ostracized as apostates and told to be hated even by their own family. Yes, really.

Exhibit F: If your blood is boiling by now, get ready to explode! The most heinous case of lying of all is in the recent loss of millions of dollars in the now famous Candice Conti case. Their own documents and testimony proved without a shadow of a doubt that the WBTS has a policy of hiding sexual abuse cases from law enforcement. And yet they have the audacity to say "the organization is not responsible".

You've seen the evidence, now you be the judge.

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