First of all, for those visiting who don't already know; one of the Bible interpretations that Jehovah's Witnesses got right, and which helped them to eliminate every other religion that believed otherwise as false, is that the literal planet Earth itself would not be destroyed. "A generation is going, and a generation is coming; but the earth is standing even to time indefinite." - Ecclesiastes 1:4

But one of the many things that they did wrong was to predict the end of 'this system' in 1975.

Albert Einstein said "If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed." Jehovah's Witnesses have used this carrot and stick routine for many years, always promising that the end was just around the corner.

Is It Later Than You Think - Awake! 1968But if they are God's ordained organization that you could recognize "by their fruits" that condemn "false prophets", then what does it say about them that they have made many specific predictions about the end of the world that never came about? What can be made of the many, MANY changes to their interpretation of the "Generation" that will not pass away from Matthew 24:34?

"Only months until Armageddon"

- Watchtower Sept 15, 1941 p288

"The fact that fifty-four years of the period called the "last days" have already gone by is highly significant. It means that only a few years, at most, remain before the corrupt system of things dominating the earth is destroyed by God."

- Awake! October 8, 1968 p13

"The apostle Paul was spearheading the Christian missionary activity. He was also laying a foundation for a work that would be completed in our 20th century."

- Watchtower Jan 1, 1989 P12 (original edition)

1914 - The Generation That Will Not Pass Away"Young ones will never grow old or fulfill a career in this system."

- Awake! May 22, 1969 p15

"If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things. Why not? Because all the evidence in fulfillment of Bible prophecy indicates that this corrupt system is due to end in a few years."

- Awake! 1969 May 22 p15

"True, there have been those in times past who predicted an "end to the world," even announcing a specific date. Yet nothing happened. The "end" did not come. They were guilty of false prophesying. Why? What was missing? Missing from such people were God's truths and the evidence that he was guiding and using them."

- Awake! Oct 8, 1968 p.23

"We encourage you to avoid being deceived by false prophets."

- Watchtower Feb 1, 1992 p.7

Generation Dead






Millions Now Living


1914 - The Generation That Will Not Pass Away



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The Generation - Watchtower Comments

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Questioning the Watchtower

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    ***w50 2/15 p. 54" Stick to Your Work"*** Now is the time to live and work as Christians, especially now, for the final end is near.
    ***w50 11/1 p.406 New Systems of Things***The fact now that the weeping and gnashing of the teeth of the rejected unworthy ones has begun proves we are near the climax of the dividing work and that the accomplished end is near upon this world

    ***w51 9/1 p.541 Not Remaining Silent on the World’s Doom*** Accompanying that rule, just as foretold, confusion, disease, wars and distress rip through the ranks of the crumbling old world; its end is near.

    ***w58 10/15p. 637 Public Address: God’s Kingdom Rules—Is the World’s End Near?*** We know not the day or hour, but the world’s end is near.

    ***w59 1/1p.8" Stay by These Things"*** and Jehovah’s witnesses, being true to their assignment, have let the world know in all principal languages that God’s kingdom rules and the world’s end is near.

    ***w59 3/1 p.150 Explaining God’s Signs and Wonders*** our preaching of this message is proof that this world’s end is near. True, this exposes us to persecution, and this persecution will doubtless increase in intensity against all of us when Gog of Magog attacks.

    ***w59 3/15 p.179 Helpers Toward Walking Wisely*** The overshadowing fact of today, that God’s kingdom rules and therefore the old world’s end is near, this fact should dominate our lives.

    ***w59 4/15 p.239 The Perfect Ruler for Man’s Government*** on Sunday, August 3, 1958, there were 253,922 persons who listened to the hour-long address on the subject "God’s Kingdom Rules—Is the World’s End Near?" The world’s complete end is near, the speaker said.

    ***w60 6/1 p.324 Is Our Civilization Facing a Fall?*** The increasing disregard for moral standards is a foretold indication that its end is near.

    ***w63 1/1 p.16 How Strong Is Your Faith?*** The time of the end is near!

    ***w67 3/1 p.152 Were You Once a Kingdom Publisher?*** It is vitally urgent that you become an active Christian now! Why? Because the time is short. The end is near!

    ***w70 12/15 p.758 End of Worldwide Witnessing Gets Nearer*** But all evidence is persuasive that the climactic end is near.

    ***w72 11/1 p.660 Is a Fiery End Really Near?*** So a fiery end is near for Christendom. Her religious organizations will be destroyed.

    ***w73 12/15 p.739 Earth’s Rulers for a Thousand Years*** But its end is near

    ***w74 10/15 p.634 Growing in Appreciation for the "Divine Purpose"*** Correct, therefore, was the headline in the Milwaukee Journal, "THE END IS NEAR, WITNESSES SAY." The article noted: "There is a feeling of urgency among the estimated 41,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses meeting at County Stadium through Sunday.

    ***w83 7/1p.7 A Pleasure-Loving World About to End!*** "The End" Is Near!
    ***w84 11/15 p.23 "The Time Left Is Reduced" ***Then, too, there has been a dwindling in the number of those of "this generation" of 1914, which is not to pass away before the fulfillment of all that Jesus foretold for our time. (Matthew 24:34) This is another clear indication that this system’s end is near.
    ***w85 8/1 p.10 True Christians Are Kingdom Preachers*** Today, "the end" is near indeed.
    ***w87 2/1 p.29 Do You Have an Inquiring Mind?*** Today, world events provide overwhelming evidence that the end is near

    ***w93 6/1 p.16 BeSound in Mind—The End Is Close*** Thus, when a choice is presented, for example, in education, career, employment, entertainment, recreation, clothing style, or whatever it may be, his first inclination will be to consider the matter from a spiritual rather than a fleshly, selfish viewpoint. This new mental attitude makes it easier to decide matters with soundness of mind and with the awareness that the end is near.

    ***w95 10/15p.21 How Will You Stand Before the Judgment Seat?***the world’s final end is near

    ***w96 1/1p.11 Jehovah Gives Peace and Truth in Abundance***As evidence that the pouring out of these plagues continues, the talk "False Religion’s End Is Near" was delivered worldwide on April 23, 1995, followed by the distribution of hundreds of millions of copies of a special issue of KingdomNews.

    ***w97 3/1p.11 Are You Ready for Jehovah’s Day?***Hence, the end is near for this wicked system of things.

    ***w98 9/15 p.18 Waiting in"Eager Expectation"*** These anointed ones know that this wicked system’s end is near,

    ***w00 1/15 p.12 "Keep on the Watch"*** What is one way that we can keep in expectation of the end? It is by paying close attention to the evidence that the end is near.

    ***w01 2/1 p.19 Are You Living Up to Your Dedication?***Yes, let us not be lukewarm regarding our dedication, but let us be "aglow with the spirit," zealous down to the end—and the end is near

    ***w03 12/15p.14 Our Watchfulness Takes On Greater Urgency*** We must have firm conviction that "the end of all things has drawn close." (1 Peter 4:7) Only then will our watchfulness take on a sense of urgency. Hence, the question that we must reflect on is: ‘What will help us to strengthen our conviction that the end is near?
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