Can Science Prove The Noah's Ark Flood Actually Happened?

The question as to whether the story of Noah's Ark and The Flood actually happened is often disputed by secular groups. Common disputes we see are:

  • Why would a loving and merciful God flood the entire planet killing everything on it simply to kill the few thousand people that were alive at the time? Wouldn't it have been much smarter and merciful to simply turn them off with instant heart attacks or similar? And what did the animals do to deserve that?
  • There is no such evidence for a global catastrophe in the archaeological record, only extensive evidence for the contrary. Had there been a disaster that reduced the world’s human population to a mere handful while destroying most cultural artifacts, it must inevitably have taken at least centuries to get civilization back up and running again. The newer civilizations would have also been considerably different from the old as no one ever rebuilds something exactly the same as it was before. Finally there would have only been a single civilization after the flood since Noah’s family would have been the only ones around to get things going again for the human race. Alas, the archaeological record shows us that various civilizations around the world and the human race carried on in a steady fashion before, during, and after the flood supposedly took place with no evidence of such a disaster. Read The Top 8 Reasons Why We Know The Flood Never Happened
  • How did all of the species of animals get from other continents across the oceans, rain forests, and deserts to get onto the Ark?
  • Conversely, how did they get from the Ark back to where they live now? The penguins to the South Pole (but not the north), the kangaroos to Australia, etc. And yet there is no fossil record of that journey.
  • How could the Ark really carry the thousands of kinds of animals on the Earth on it, not to mention the food for them all, especially since many animals EAT OTHER ANIMIALS! How did they keep the food from spoiling? How did they dispose of the tons of daily animal waste?
  • According to the Bible the entire world was covered in water during the flood, even the top of the highest mountains. To cover the Earth like that it would take 5 times the amount of water in the oceans.
  • Even if God miraculously caused that much water to appear, the amount of water needed to cover the planet would have dramatically changed the Earth’s atmosphere to have a massive amount of water vapors dissolved in it, so much that Noah's family and the animals would have literally drowned just by breathing! Plus there would be so much atmospheric pressure that his bones would have literally been crushed.
  • Tree ring records tell us of climate changes over the past 10,000 years and they don’t show that such a catastrophe occurred during the supposed time of the “Great Flood,” or at all.
  • Salt water would have killed all fresh water fish when it flooded. And how did the fresh water fish get back to the lakes and ponds when the water receded?
  • Ice cores from Greenland have been dated back more than 40,000 years by counting annual layers. A worldwide flood would leave a layer of sediments, noticeable changes in salinity and oxygen isotope ratios, fractures from buoyancy and thermal stresses, a hiatus in trapped air bubbles, and other evidence...yet no such evidence exists.
  • The Bible says the ark was made entirely of wood and was about 450 feet long, but as any boat manufacturer will tell you that a wooden vessel that size would not only not stay afloat, but would break apart right away from all the stress, even without all the animals on it and violent storms. Wood is simply not strong enough. The longest wooden ships are only about 300 feet long, 150 less than Noah’s, and even in ancient times they required reinforcing with iron straps. Even then they still leaked so badly they constantly required pumping.
  • Why aren't craters that predate the flood, like Meteor Crater, full of water? At the very least why wasn't it filled with debris and mud from being under water?
  • Many plants that are around today, including their seeds, would be killed if they were submerged in salt water for 150 days.
  • The flood story in Genesis is only the most popular of many ancient flood myths. There are three known Babylonian flood stories written long before Genesis that tell the exact same story as the Bible with only variations in minor details. Learn More

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So what do you think considering these arguments? Leave a comment below or contact us with your thoughts.

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    This all makes so much sense and yet we just accepted that the flood was fact and we were not allowed to research about any of the above for fear of being labelled as apostates!
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