UPDATE: This has now been posted on Richard Dawkins Website and on the New Times


On October 5th 2011,  Bill O'Reilly interviewed Richard Dawkins about his new children's book The Magic of Reality, you can watch that interview here.

Frustrated by Bill's usual demeaning of Dawkins, I decided to send an email to Bill about it, here is the actual email I sent to him:

Bill, have you read Richard Dawkin’s book ‘The God Delusion’? You should have the guts to investigate both sides before being so pompous in your faith while completely discounting the critical thinking of atheists. The truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Jeremy Kopchak
St. Petersburg, Florida

Here is how he decided to edit it, taking my email completely out of context:

O'Reilly reads my email to specifically criticize the fact that he didn't "attack Dawkins", the only problem is I never said he did! I said that he discounts atheists, which he doeswhenever any are on his show.

Furthermore did his shortening of my email even make it shorter than his normal emails posted? Not at all. In fact, instead of changing its meaning to "attack Dawkins" he could have simply shortened it to “discounting atheists" and it would have been the same length and kept its original connotation.

My email is also shown in quotation marks without any indication that it was changed. Using brackets to indicate changes is considered the norm in ethical journalism.

Bill, if you are going to read emails on the air, you have no right to change their words to fit your faulty interpretation of them. Where is your journalistic integrity that you constantly harp on? No Spin Zone? Fair and Balanced? It makes you wonder how many other reader's emails are distorted like mine.


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  •  SuziDrums: 
    The only surprise is that you seem surprised he butchered it.
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  •  barfly: 
    What do you expect from some one like that honesty. Well done
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  •  cantleavehasleft: 
    Can I have your autograph Jeremy
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  •  anonread: 
    What a douche. Kinda cool that you were mentioned specifically on the show though
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