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to cantleave

alright mate

its ninja here formerly from JWN........I'm only on here the one time .........for one reason


to unreservedly apologise for my behaviour towards your good self on JWN calling you a troll


I was 100% wrong about you....and I was an I am sorry for the harm I caused


I dont want to give you excuses...or this is why I did it...........just to say sorry


I apologised before on JW support forum...but you must not have got it


no need to answer me as i wont be back on....just making my peace


and no need to answer on my e-mail........I dont use it....


peace to you and nugget


and all the best on the rest of your journey

craig....da ninja

Hi Craig,


Apology fully accepted, but unnecessary. I came to JWN in a state of confusion, not knowing what to feel, think or believe, and like many people on these forums I was hurting and needed to time to heal. Your behaviour didn't really upset me, my concern was for others, especially midwich cuckoo who at the time was going through some issues and just happened to be on AOL, as was I so shared the same IP pattern as myself.

I hope you are doing well and moving on with life and genuinely miss your incredible observational humour and truly insightful take on things. Laughing If you can please keep posting, the Ex_JW community needs you!!!