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low hanging fruit

hi, all

amy here, aka chickpea on JWN and carpe noctum on JWR... i was going to just be "amy" but it was one letter shy of the requisite!


my subject line says it all.... i was low hanging fruit when the JWs got to me.... in one calendar year, within 11 months time, i had buried my much beloved and still sorely missed older brother michael paul, who died of AIDS at 33, and a son, named paul benjamin, whose pregnancy i lost late in the 2nd trimester... to say i was grief-stricken is understatement, to say i was perfect prey for the b0rg is as equally understated....

at any rate, some 20 years later, being first in, i was last out... my husband and 4 children, 2 born-ins, are all out, and very vocal in speaking out against the b0rg... my youngest son's circumstance of being a female to male transgender was the final impetus to propel me away from the dilemma of serving a "god" who would command me to forsake my own child in his deepest, darkest hour of need..... go blow yourself, joho, i aint buying that schtick anymo.....


at any rate... i have lost all faith in the idea of divinity and now marvel at the improbability that we are here, on this little speck of a planet revolving around an insignificant sun, in a backwater galaxy in an expanding universe.... makes the hairs on my arm stand straight up as i go breathless!

 just loving being alive, even if life circumstances can be, instead of talking to air, i hitch up my big girl undies and get on with the living

cheers mates!


I like your sense of humor; "go blow yourself, joho, i aint buying that schtick anymo", that's how I felt too before realizing that I was mad at him wrongly...because he simply didn't exist.


Thanks for your intro, we look forward to more of your kind of humor here.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.