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What Is Sin?

What is the idea itself? We know about the idea of "missing the mark," and that we're imperfect, so then what does being perfect mean? Does it mean you would always hit the bullseye in archery? That of course says nothing about what kind of person someone is does it?


If it's about things like love and what's in someones heart, then thought and behavioral control is really superficial isn't it? This is the only point I'm making here, but it's plenty. Just look at how often things are focused on belief (thought control) and works, that should put it into perspective for any honest person.

Sin is one of those things that defies definition it seems.

Technically, Sin is doing what god says not to do. If we live according to gods laws then we are sinless. Of course this is impossible to do. No one can be in constant control of there mind and body. We may be able to abstain from physical acts that are forbidden, but we cannot go a whole life without ever thinking about them.

When discussing perfection, I think this is a different topic. Satan sinned, but was presumably a perfect creature? So perfection and sin are not exclusive. If they were then Adam could not have sinned.

To me perfection is impossible. If something is perfect it cannot change. If I am a perfect creature (angel or whatever) and I then change (e.g. think about something I had not though about before) then how can I still be perfect. How can I be different, be more than I was and yet still be without any defects? Perfection is an abstract concept that I do not think can actually exist.