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WatchTower's Loss and The World's Gain

Hello.  William E. Enoch, Sr. here.  I became associated with the WatchTower Tact Society when Mama answered a knock on our door in the mid-'60s.  I was disfellowshipped from this cult in 2001 for unrepentant adultery and drug abuse. Even then, I still believed the WTS had the absolute truth, as its organization is referred to by its members as "The Truth". It was in late 2004 when I actually started questioning my attempt at reinstatement when I perceived a lack of love for me by an Elder at that time.

Currently, I'm an advocate for awareness of WTS abuses and volunteer with a new group whose goal is to help change WatchTower Society's policy on shunning (a WTS Member may be shunned for simply disagreeing with WTS teachings), reporting of abuse (WTS teaches there must be two witnesses to a child molestation before members can report to authorities), higher education (WTS stigmatizes higher ed) and blood (WTS bans whole blood for its members, but recently changed its teachings to allow blood fragments).

My goal in this group is to learn how cult mentality has affected other WTS or any Cult Survivors, share any information which may prove helpful to this group and find out the possibility of The Broad Road and other groups I volunteer with to possibly team up on campaigns to strengthen awareness of each others' causes, especially if these causes include WTS exposure, failure.



Welcome to The Broad Road Will!

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.