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Warm Beer

Seriously, tell us yanks, what's the deal with the warm brew? Do you like cold ones at all?

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Of course we love cold beer. Lager is served cold, bitter at room temperature. The subtle flavours of real ale are lost if served chilled.

That makes sense. Do most drink cold or warm?


What's your preference?

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

I love both bitter and lager. Nothing beats a stone cold lager after a hard days work, and a nice hoppy bitter in an old english pub with friends.

I have to add that most things American are usually very good (ever experienced the service in the average British restaurant?) but beer is not one of's too weak, and as can'tleave said chilling nulls the aromas and flavours in all except lagers.


In Dallas I was used to drinking entire pitchers of Coors or Michelob and walking out sober, much to the amazement of my American associates....then one night I forgot that Jack Daniels is the same strength the world over.....but the upside was that Dallas was suddenly twice the size!

Beer tastes good at the temp that you think it tastes good at :-)


I like Abbey Dubbels and Quadrupels at room temp.  Most lagers are meant to be drank cold.  A stout should be cool, as well as Winterlagers and wassales.  A Triple is good cold and so should most witbiers.


As for strenght, it all depends.  There is Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY that serves 10% ales, Sam Adams has a 27% ale and an 18% lager, Dogfish Head has a 22% ale.  When I went to England what suprised me is that the ales were like 3-4%; in an enormous pint but still only 3-4%.


And Coors Light isn't beer.  It's Fratboy urine put into a can and carbonated.