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Trying to move forward

I was raised as a JW. I never really took anything to seriously but was baptized after my older brother and sister were. I just went along with it since they had...I was 16. Later on I met a girl who would later become my wife. She was also raised as a JW. Anyways we ended up pregnant pre-marriage. We tried to hide that she was pregnant in fear of difellowshipping and quickly arranged a small wedding. Obviously the elders hounded us after the birth of our daughter and ended up disfellowshipping us anyways. New parents with no help from family or friends. Fantasic idea! Mostly everyone still treated our baby girl as disfellowshipped too. When we went to the hall no one came to hold her or talk to her.


Shortly after my daughter turned 1 we moved to AZ. While there we continued to go to the hall and we were eventually reinstated. During that time we also had two more children.  Once reinstated we pretty much stopped going to the hall. My motivation to be reinstated was only to be allowed to talk with my family. I could have given two shits about our friends that all blindly turned there back on us. After awhile I started to research the history of the JW organization and found some very interesting details. If you haven't objectively researched the organization yet I would highly recommend it. When I started doubting everything I also started to get a little vocal. My wife wasnt too happy about it and asked me to have an elder over to study. I complied. This was the time where I put it all out there. Everything I was thinking and everything I researched. This elder had all default answers and no real idea about the history other than the 1975 presumption. I was fed up and decided to just start researching other religions.

During this time of spiritual exploration my wife decided to explore drugs and other men ;) She left me and our three kids. Awesome. Thankfully, through my research in religions my faith in God was only improved and I was ready and willing to take on the challenge of being a single father. I quickly set up my divorce and won full custody. Since we were still in AZ at that time I decided to move back to Ohio where all our family lived. That move was almost two years ago.

So thats my history. I am just fading out of the JW organization which I'm finding is easier said than done. None of the elders come to me but just the mind control that I was brought up with is still nagging me!! I feel like I have to always reassure myself that the JW's do NOT have the truth. Which is why I am here on this site...

Something interesting to me about the JW's is how they hate the trinity theology but also have their own trinity:

Jehovah, Jesus, Governing Body (AKA Spirit directed organization). And its not necessarily in that order. To them the organization has to be at the top of this trinity triangle.

Welcome to The Broad Road!

I like your point on the trinity, lol.

All I can say is keep researching. By the time you check out all of the articles here, I think you will find yourself guilt-free.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.