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The way forward...

Newbie Alert!

I was never a JW, but my husband was and I'm in the process of learning more about the JW's and the situation my hubby is in. He's still carrying a lot of baggage, even though he's been out for 32 years.

I discovered that I know very little about JW's and was horrified at the stories I've read and I only started yesterday!

I'm hoping to make new friends and connections, to gain knowledge and advice, and to find even more reasons to laugh every day.


Laughter is definitely the way forward!


Welcome to The Broad Road!

The articles here should give you plenty of ammunition against them. There are good videos as well.

Let us know if you have any questions we can answer for you.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Glad to hear that your husband is out of the organisation. Even though it seems like a long time ago he can still find that the cult programming pops up when he leasts expects it to. He will also be more affected if he left because he felt he was unable to comply with the rules rather than leaving for doctrinal reasons. Reading books such as Crisis of Conscience can be immensely freeing since they expose the hypocrisy and corruption and it then becomes a much easier decision to leave doctrines and ideas behind.

We all find that from time to time we suddenly realise that the cult has affected us, whilst in it we do not grieve properly, we are more judgemental of others, we are suspicious of non JWs, we live under the constant pressure of not being good enough and we are socially awkward.  Once out we have to develop our own personality without someone telling us what to think and how to act.  As with any form of mental abuse we have to learn to to cope with it and move on with our lives  it casts a long shadow especially if family members are still in.

The important thing is he is free and has been for a long time. I wish you both well feel free to ask any questions you need the answers to and we will try to help.

Hi Welcome to the Broad Road! Great to see you here.....


Welcome to the site. I am fairly new here too and always enjoy making new friends, whether they be ex-JW's or not. Hope you find helpful

info here and maybe even join our chat session on Friday evenings. Take care and hope to see you around!