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The Fireman

Where it all starts is very hard to say but here i go. Im a Station Commander for two Fire stations on the Northern Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa. Grew up in a 'normal' middle class family in a small town called Greytown. Growing up we went to a normal church (Dutch Reformed) yet my father was never really happy there. What i didn't know was that my father was a ex Bethe-lite(SA Branch) during the 1960s. During my early teens my father started to study again and quickly became a elder thus changing our family lifestyle.

I became a un-baptized publisher at age 15 with my younger brother following suit a year later. My mother took a bit longer and joined when i was 16. Think it was when my Father started to force me to consider baptism that my eyes kinda opened and i went off the rails big time. As you can imagine this did not sit well with the 'society' and plenty of little meetings in the back room of the kingdom hall involved me, my association and 'u should follow the guidelines'. Nevertheless at age 18, I walked out. A very confused frustrated and anti everything young man.

What really got to me was that my family and my friends there started pushing me away.....even tho years have passed and my father has passed away its still hard. Currently my younger brother is at Bethel(SA) with his wife and my mother is a baptized publisher. I still keep contact with them and care for them alot but as any ex JW will no try and have a conversation or spend time with wont happen unless there's a reason behind it. Crux of the matter is i would rather be a 'wolf' with a clear conscience thinking logically for myself then be 'sheep' guided by other peoples viewpoints and actions.

It's odd that your family is only now years later trying to push you away. If you care enough you might be able to pretend to be mildly interested, but too busy to do more than that, to keep them as family. I had that decision, and I am now disowned. Can't say it is the best option.


Thanks for sharing, I hope further study of books like The God Delusion for example will help you with any questions you still may have looming about our existence.


Some day I want to come to SA for a safari, I hear it's amazing there.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

maybe the way i said came out wrong. moved from home at age 18. And about 6months later in with my girlfriend.....which didnt endear me to the bretheren lol.

Look up St Lucia, South Africa sometime great tourist zone exellent parties and a putt load to do.

Ok I don't know if I did this the right way.. Was trying to post a reply that said my dad is an ex-bethelite too..whewhoo..ok i'll try again. nice to meet you and welcome.