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So happy to find other x dubs.

I was raised jw. My mom died when I was 7.  I was never allowed to grieve her death, because I would see her again soon. Plus my father thought it was a sign of weakness. My dad remarried, a total witch jw.  Made my life a living hell on top of religion. Funny cause as soon as my dad past she left jw. My dad was an elder for a long time. Both my brothers and myself were DF'd. At different times. He stepped down.  My DF was over sex.  The elders didnt think I was repentant enough because I did go into graphic detail of all the sex acts fast enough. Honestly I don't think some of them couldn't make it to there car fast enough to jack off.  I did the right thing and got reinstated then never went back.   I'm done with religion. 

Hello, and welcome to The Broad Road! Thanks for sharing your story. My mother died recently also, and my dad (elder) is remarrying quite quickly. She died no longer talking to me, and he doesn't talk to me either. Their loss.

If you are looking for more exJWs to talk to there are many exJW pages on Facebook too.

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