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Out of the Borg forever.

Right here goes.


I was born in 1979 in Melbourne, Australia. My mother and father met in the Army and had a turbulent relationship. About a year after I was born, my mother decided to leave Dad and went to Brisbane to stay with her brother and sister in law, Ron and Anne. Anne had recently converted to JW and thus my mother had the first taste of JW and studied with them. Soon after, my mother decided to get back together with Dad and we moved back to Melbourne. She then fell pregnant with my sister and shortly after, left Dad for good. We moved to Perth, Western Australia without telling Dad where we were or giving forwarding details. Melbourne to Perth is like moving from NY to LA.


After arriving in Perth, we settled what was, at the time, an isolated county town, (30 years on and the town is now practically part of Perth) and my mother gave birth to my sister. Shortly thereafter, she got doorknocked and being a single mother of 2, not knowing anyone in town, they offered fellowship and direction, so she jumped on board. Soon after she was baptised when I was 5.


She met a man in the congregation and they married when I was 6. The man, suddenly became my stepfather. We hated each other right from the get go. He was/is a paranoid schizophrenic. The abuse on my and my sister started immediately, my physically and my sister sexually. The abuse got worse an worse over the years, I was punched, kicked, hit with the belt buckle part of a belt, physically humiliated, and on several occasions he attempted to drown me, holding my head under water until I passed out and then pulling me out. The physical abuse only stopped when I was 15 and I realised that I was bigger than him so I knocked him to the ground and held my foot on his neck and told him that if it ever happened again I would make sure he didn't wake up. I remember one time, when I was about 12, mum took me to the police station after a particularly brutal abuse session but the elders made us withdraw our complaint.


I was baptised when I was 14 and got "privileges" at the KH, handling the microphones. working the magazine counter. I pioneered during school holidays. After I left school I moved to serve where the need was greater and pioneered until I could no longer financially support myself and I moved back to Perth to get a job. My mother warmed me against getting a job as that "can only lead to apostasy."


Then when I was 20, my stepfather got disfellowshipped. No one would tell me why but I insisted and mother told me what happened to my sister. It turns out she knew all this time, and she also knew what had happened to me. What is worse was that the elders knew and sis nothing. It was at that point I stopped going to the meeting as I immediately hated what the elders knew and did nothing about. About a year later I was DF'd for immorality. I wanted out so DFing was a good thing.


Since then, my life was gone up and down, I took to drinking, drugs, immorality, you name it. In 2004, I was in an on off relationship with a girl and she fell pregnant. At that point, I decided to clean up my life as I could not be a good father the way I was. The relationship with her did not continue, but we are still good friends. In 2006 I located my dad (he is not a JW). I have since married and now have 2 more children, great job and an excellent life. One of my sisters has also left the borg. My mother will not speak to me though because I am df'd and she has not seen my kids.


Well thats about it, thank you so much for taking the time to read my story!

Wow, that was a really tragic story. I would have trouble not killing someone for the what was done to your sister. And the fact that the JWs say to follow the laws accept when it embarrasses them is disgusting.


"I have since married and now have 2 more children, great job and an excellent life." - I am so glad to hear it. You have been through so much, I hope you will spend the rest of your life making up for it.


You are the first Australian to join the site, so I hope we can help find you some friends in your area to connect with.


Thanks for sharing your story, look forward to talking more.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Thanks for your reply Jeremy. Its hard sometime, especially knowing that my 3 children are not going to know their nanna, especially as my nanna (non JW) was very important to me growing up. But at the end of the day, its her loss.


BTW, I almost did kill my stepfather when I found out. He and Mum were separated at the time and when I heard, I literally saw red. All I remember that night was me standing in the kitchen at mum's house sharpening a knife. I was going to kill him. Next I remember is waking up in hospital 2 days later. I apparently flew into such a fit of rage my mother had to call and the police and then an ambulance when I collapsed. I had to be taken to hospital and sedated.

Hi that is a traglc tragic tale and my heart goes out to you. I am so glad that you feel happy now but i can truly apreciate that you wanted tok ill him I certainly would have wanted to


It strikes me that the ways of the organisation never really leave you when you leave. Just the comment you made that you fell in to "immorality " when you left. To me that word smacks of their ingrained teaching. Who says what you do in your own time is classedas immorality ...only they do but in my eyes a person is enittled to do what they want when they leave and should not be judged by others standards ...especially in an organisation that condones a paedophile yet comes down hard on someone practicing normal male /female relations!!!!



Wow, what a life you've had. I'm sorry to hear of your abuse. How is your sister now? Is she the one that left the JWs?

My mother warmed me against getting a job as that "can only lead to apostasy."

Huh? Ookay!

Glad you found a way out of that mess, both you and your sister. It's sometimes hard to know how to reconcile such horrible acts of abuse of the sorts done to you and your sister and then the subsequent cover up by an organisation claiming to be God's chosen. We had a similar thing happen here in Katoomba, New South Wales when I was a JW. The secular authorities weren't informed, the culprit was not even disfellowshipped and of course, a short time later he resumed his ways. Under such circumstances, the only ones to bring reproach to the Creator is not the victim speaking out and wanting justice, but the perpetrator of such appalling crimes and those who would conspire to cover the matter up. The measure of an organisation is not in the problems that arise, no matter how vile, but rather in the way they are handled.