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New Light on Fat People


Glutton...fails to show love for Jehovah.  Is food a big thing in his life?  If in the presence of others, does he selfishly ignore their needs and take more than his fair share?  Is he grossly overweight but shows no restraint over food, habitually gourging himself?  Does he feel uncomfortable, perhaps even getting sick because of eating too much?...he has no place in the Congregation of Gods people...he will not inherit God's kingdom...   Watchtower 1974 p.167

At a meal the gluttonous person may make it impossible for other diners to eat to satisfaction.  For this reason the glutton may even be dispised...he actually isolates himself from others...they may shun him...he may incurr God's displeasure and lose his life...In the near future God's kingdom through Jesus Christ will bring law dyfing Gluttons to an end...then persons will "hunger no more.   Watchtower 1978 12/15 p.9


Consider also that the scriptures mention only one fat person.

Judges 3:17: Now Eg′lon was a very fat man.

Fat Eg'lon was not a servant of God. So we can deduce from this, that only pagans are fat, and just like only pagans celebrated birthdays in the Bible, fat people will not inherit God's Kingdom.

Makes sense to me, after all, how are you fat people going to squeeze through the narrow gate?

From what I recall the fattest members of the congregation were often elders!

He speaks from experience :)

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.