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Near Death Experiences

I'm interested in finding ex-JW's that have had a NDE (near death experience) or some kind of OOB (out of body) experience for the purpose of satisfying my own curiosity of life after life (or death). I've read a lot on the subject from both spiritual and secular sources and I find this a fascinating subject due to the fact that even people without any beliefs/faith/religious affiliation/spiritual practice have had these experiences. I myself have had minimal "communication" through empathy with spirits on the Other Side and was never satisfied with what I was taught as a JW, that once your body dies, so does your consciousness. I don't buy the resurrection onto an earthly paradise, either. It never made any sense to me, even as a child, because I was able to decipher the scriptures for what they were. Incidentally, I don't even believe in the majority of the bible anymore, but I have found that being a spiritual person does not require someone to follow someone else's ancient opinion. I think that SOME of the principles in the bible are ok, but 99% of it leaves much to be desired.

Anyway, if anyone is willing to share their NDE or OOB, I would be really grateful.


~Rhonda a.k.a Starr Kachina

I had a similar spiritual verses faithful upbringing. I would never tell any of my family, even now, that I have had an OBO or that I believe there are other vibrations- spiritual beings.

When I was 17 I took an overdose that sent me into a coma. When I woke up 3days later I knew nearly everything that had been said to me and I also knew exactly how I'd looked. I had clear memories of seeing the paramedics shock my heart back to life in the house and then them telling my parents there was no room in the ambulance. (no one told me this for a long time) I also has very real experiances in the coma. I'd been to a place that had a river bank, I was calm and peaceful there and the most relaxed I've ever felt. I became aware that if I walked through the forest There were people I loved there and as I realized this my grandfather came and sat next to me. He said looked over the river and I'd seen my family in the room with me. I felt torn. All I wanted was to sit by the river and feel happy but he told me there were many people who needed me and it's wasnt an ultimate choice, I'd be able to go to the forest in the future. I sat there for what felt like a lovely long time and then I heard my baby brother whisper Bye Jaynie and I felt him touch my check (he was 10) I walked into the river and shortly thereafter woke up.

I never told any of my family until many years later I asked my brother (now a man) if he had ever called me Jaynie (its a family pet name but he's always called me Leah) and he said he did once because he had to say goodbye and he touched my face and whispered it. But then I came back.

The doctors were amazed because I took enough to kill 10 grown men. They told my family if I survived then I would probably be brain damaged. But after some initial physio I made a full recovery.

I believe the chemical DMT produced by your brain is the best scientific answer.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

yeah quite possibly. Just read a bit on it and its linked to changes in melatonin levels -  which im deficient in the natural production of. So yeah its a definate contender. I also think that, being realistic, I'd just tried to kill myself and was trapped in a pointless controlling religion so there is every possibility that it was a mixture of my mind trying to process things and the coma. They have no proof either way that people can hear what goes on when in a coma but I think they hear quite a lot.

I read a fictional book by Connie Willis, called Passage and it's based on the NDE, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and although it's fiction, it was respectful of NDE and gave a very compelling explanation for it : )

Read Paranormality by Professor Richard Wiseman. He has excercise that creates an outer body experience. It weird, but entirely due to function of our brain, the organ that creates consciousness not a mythical "soul".....