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My very brief story

Hi, I'm QueenWitch here and over on JWN. Born-in, baptized in '92, df'd in '95. I shouldn't have taken the big dip. I had doubts then but what other choice did I have at 17? Anywho, I tried to go back several times. Last time I stepped foot in KH was 2010 for the Memorial. After doing my own research on world religions, I no longer believe in any mediator between humans and Deity. Besides, Christians took the Pagan holidays and changed them. Once the corruption is stripped away, you have nature. There is no harm in celebration the seasonal changes, the cycle of the moon.

I am no longer Theist (believing in God as a revealed religion perceives him) but a Deist (believing in Deity by using logic and reason, not by using the Bible, Quran, Torah, Book of Mormon, etc.).

Welcome to The Broad Road!

Curious, have you ever read the book The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins?

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.