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My parents beat the crap out of me

Ok they didn't really. I just had a dream last night that they did though. In my dream, I went to a "cult convention." I don't know if I made this up in my head but the convention was to talk about different types of cults. So I got to the convention, started listening to it and talking with some of the other people there. Then I guess we were walking around and I saw my dad. So I started doing this thing where we were going around this big circle and I was trying to hide. Like he was chasing me but I was trying to hide. So when he caught up to me he just beat the crap out of me. Eventually I think someone tried to help me but I was all beat up. In particular my right thigh had 4 bruises on it.

Ok this isn't normal right? I've had lots of nightmares since I left JW's though.

Also on another note I actually accomplished something good recently, but then I also neglected doing something, and I'm basically beating myself up about it.

Just wondering if anyone has similar feelings, i.e. nightmares, having trouble feeling good about yourself even if you do something good, neglecting to do things and then feeling bad about it..

It is all quite normal for ones who have undergone the mental rollercoaster of being raised as a JW, and then realizing it was all a lie.I would bet that most of us have had nightmares related to the religion, loss of it, or loss of family members and friends in arguments.



Don't let depression overwhelm you or control your life, try to out-think it as much as you can. You are only an imperfect human trying to figure this all out like the rest of us, who of us can judge you.


You get to be your own judge, make yourself proud.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.