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Lori's story

My father's family were Jehovah's Witnesses for years. My dad decided to get back into it when I was five. Unexpectedly, my mom died when I was 11 from a heart attack. My dad remarried less than 6 months afterwards. I was baptized at age 13. For different reasons, we moved around a lot. In late 1990, I turned 18, I jumped on a greyhound bus, went 1,000 miles by myself to Florida and started living with some of my step-mothers family (non-JW) whom I had befriended. Met a nice young man in 1991 who is now my husband. We started living together shortly after meeting.

That was just some background info about this is how and why I was disfellowshipped; around January of 1992 I got news that my step-mother in Arkansas had a tumor in her throat that needed to be removed that possibly was cancerous. I traveled back to Arkansas to visit her in the hospital during her surgery. For some reason, the elders thought that my visit was an opportune time to become vultures and pin me down for a judicial meeting. I begged not to be disfellowshipped and they basically gave me the ultimatum of leaving my boyfriend whom I was living with in Florida and stay in Arkansas to return to the meetings OR be disfellowshipped.  They told me if he loved me, he would have already married me. I couldn't leave him though. I told my boyfriend and he said if I came back, he would marry me right away. We married one month later and have been together, ever since, almost 20 years now. I suppose this wasn't an option for the elders, huh? We have two children now who are our pride and joy. We lived in Central Florida for about 15 years, then moved to my hometown in Arkansas a little over 5 years ago. My father who lives nearby in Memphis, TN, barely speaks to me and that is okay. He has lost a life with his grand-children due to the crazy religion.

At first, I just thought I was a huge sinner and that JW's were right. It took a couple of years and someone used scriptures to show me how messed up JW's were, which is funny to me now. A couple of years back, I jumped into a different religion, Baptist, only to now come out, once again, learning it isn't right either! I have learned that the very symbol that everyone wants to support their faith with, the bible, is very contradictory. Faith is more of an emotional thing rather than logical. Glad that I can finally see that. I am happier now. I put a lot more emphasis into myself and try to appreciate each day a little more for what it is.

Pic attached is my baptism, Age 13-District Convention

Lori Silver

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I have an aged 13 baptism photo too but I'm not going to post it.. :) Thanks for sharing story

Great story, funny how marriage wasn't an option as you said. The pic at the end was a nice touch, a look back at innocence...


Lori, you have been a riot to chat with in the forums lately, you are definitely appreciated here. you and nogod have to chat, I would laugh just watching that. :)


I hope the God Delusion helps you with any leftover lingering questions.


Chat with ya soon!

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.