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Just found your site, very cool

 Usual story raised catholic got married moved to another state no friends JWs knock on door nice people friendly we succumb. Stayed in for 30 years raised my kids all 6 they all turned out OK. Good moral,etc. then I read a book called Cosmos by Carl Sagan. BAM! All of a sudden evolution started to make sense. I was never very spiritual and Sagan ignited my interest in science. Started reading books on evolution Origin of Species. Everything by Dawkins. I started to notice more failed prophecies and missed dates and the feeble explanations of new light. Then I got in to a serious study of the bible. What an eye opener. I read the scriptures from a different perspective, like the absolute cruelty of this god of the bible and the absurdities written in those pages. No divine interpretation needed. After staying away from meetings I got the usual elders visit and I had azeal for the truth and told them I was an atheist and no longer believed in a god Jehovah or otherwise. Wrong thing to say but I did not care. As a result I was shunned by some of my kids who I raised as JWs . My oldest son could not accept the way I was dealt with, no further meetings or anything just BAM! They announced my Df at their next meeting and my kids were shocked. My oldest son who is also my business partner has left the religion but he was smarter than me and chose an escape plan. My wife was also disgusted with the hypocrisy and had many bad experiences in the past so she no longer is involved, she is not an atheist...yet. We are both much happier and are celebrating almost 40 years of marriage. Two of my boys are still in the religion one has been in Africa working for the society over building branches and helping people over there become Christians. I am happy for him he is doing what he loves but so am I. We own a fair sized sign mfg . With my wife and oldest son. I am a musician playing drums in a rock band with son ( I am 70 years old and still rockin) I never cared to bash the Watchtower Society. I became an atheist after a thorough study of the bible which is the basis for all Judeo Christian religions. Since there is no god that I know without a shadow of a doubt of they are all wrong. Religion works for some people and makes their lives fulfilled and happy. I found out I Judy don't need it.

Welcome to The Broad Road!

Glad you got out with your one son at least. You would think the other would be trying to talk to you to save you, giving you a chance  to educate him in return. Maybe in time.

70 and rockin' out, very cool! What kind of music?

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.