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Introducing myself

Hi everyone. My name is Danmera Dinglebum. Not my real name, altho I would love it if it were, so fun. I am a new awakee, relatively speaking, woke up the summer time of 2011.


My story, long story short. I was basically raised in the "trooof". My mother joined when I was a toddler, and married a 2nd generation when I was 5. I consider myself a 3rd generation, since I had a JW grandmother, and my natural grandparents were basically strangers, being worldly and all. Most of my family is still in. Mom, step dad, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc etc etc. I have one brother who was thinking of going back but managed to talk him out of it, so far. Basically, it was all I knew.


I got married at a young age, as many of us do, to a brother, who shortly after the wedding I found out he had a drug and alcohol problem and that he liked to hit. 5 years later, I left him. Doing so, I lost everyone. No scriptural reason to leave, and I showed brazen conduct to the elders by refusing their counsel of "suck it up and take it". Shun city. Everyone, family, friends, etc, you know how that goes.


So I left the "religion". But I always believed. Knew I was going to go back one day. They were "trooof" after all. Fast forward 20 years, meeting here, memorial there, etc., still a big time defender of the faith, bla bla, still believed. Believed Totally. Mom calls me, out of the blue, so I get excited, started to think about returning. I met up with a local sister, and we started to talk about things. I honestly think, what saved me, was not getting into the literature. I already knew the teachings, I just had a few things that needed clearing up.


She wasn't able to answer from the bible alone, and really pushed the literature, kind of gave me the creeps, even I wasn't ready to admit that to myself just yet. I took to looking on line, and stumbled into one mother of an onion. House of cards fell. Turned my life upside down for a while. Anyway, chat with an elder, a CO, and a few more chats with her, and I was done. I told her I would be speaking out, and would never follow these men.


Been speaking out ever since. Forums and videos.


You can hear more of my story on youtube, username Danmera

I am on FB as Danmera Dinglebum

I am on forums as blond-moment (or variations thereof)

Sorry for the late reply, but welcome to The Broad Road!

I had a chance to watch your very first video on Youtube, you are very well spoken and approached the subject perfectly, very tactful.

So has your mom found out about you, do you still talk?

I'm glad you are attacking the Watchtower Organization as well. I felt just like you that I spent enough of my life lying to others because I was lied to, and not just by the bOrg but by the Bible and religion itself. That is why I made this place too, and to help others as well.

I look forward to hearing more from you.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Thanks for posting.


It was their reliance on the literature and the elders's "Policy files" that helped me to wake up too. I was shocked by the way in elders meetings it was not the bible that was used as the authority but the letters from the society and the elders book.


Anyway delighted you have woken up and seen the truth behind the troof.