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Introducing me:

Hello everyone,

If you are part of JWR, then you already may know me as Wood Pixie over there.

You can read my intro there.

It tells about how and why I ended a JW and how and why I left.
Just a few more details, non JW related:
I married the summer after finishing high school. Still married to the same wonderful man.
We have a grown son who is married and has given us two adorable grandsons.
I spent six years working for a major airline, a number of years working as a medical technician, and the last eight years wandering the country in a big truck with my husband. I started writing, simply because I love to write, and a few years ago began on my first novel ... which became a four book fantasy series.
Over the last few years I became a bit hooked on health and fitness.

We're glad to have you here Forest, you're quite the handful in the chat room and keep it lively and interesting.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.