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Intoducing Me. An Apostate.

Brought up in the "Truth" as a child in the  70's.   My mother was a single parent with no self esteem or confidence which made her ripe for the picking.   If anyone here was in the "Truth" in the early seventies you will be very familiar with the quality of sex obsessed nutcases who were operating as Elders  at that time.

Everyone was gearing up for 1975.  I remember visiting the home of a Sister who had shaved off her hair and that of her two daughters, the reason given?  "It will be easier to take care of when we are put in  Concentration camps".    People were leaving their jobs and selling their houses all ready for 1975 and The start of The Great Tribulation.   Of course all the proceeds from the sales were going to the Watchtower bible & tract society.     Hmm. 1975 came and went.

My mum married an Elder and they became Regular Pioneers .  In order to remain living at home i became a Regular Pioneer like many other young people had to do.      When i was 17 there was a spate of  suicides in the Congregation quickly spreading until in total there were 19 deaths in our Circuit.   At the time suicide looked an attractive way out,  i and lots of others secretly believed that if you killled yourself, "HE" can't kill you at Armageddon.   I remember being in  the Kingdom Hall and hearing one Elders wife  talking about her daughter as "chaff that God has winnowed out".  An Elder gave a talk saying God would resurrect those suicides in order to destroy them at Armageddon. He quoted a scripture in Ezekiel "they will become as manure on the face of the earth"  To talk about or show you were upset about those who had committed suicide was seen as showing disloyalty to the Society.

Our Congregation was shut down.  Some of our Elders mysteriously disappeared  only to reappear months later in another Circuit.  So much stuff was covered up.  But i'm sure this is a familiar story.

I have been out 17 years,  no one knows what i used to be, how would you start to explain?  You have to have lived it to understand.

To this day whenever i think of Jesus i think of an American in a suit.



Welcome to The Broad Road!

I find your stories fascinating, I have never heard those details before. The part about shaving heads is hard to believe!

So is the part about the suicides, I wonder if that was only in your circuit or happening all over the place?

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

All white people. Seriously, it annoys me that so many people don't question this more often when they're JWs.