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I think therefore I am

Hi all,


My name is Chris. I was brought up as a JW. I am now 40.

I have been free for 8 years.

It's taken 7 years or so to move thru the gears to get to being angry. Not at JW's but at the 'religion'.

My full story is on my blog

Something my therapist suggested may assist me in coming to terms with my life in a cult.

Shortly after I started it I started getting emails from other JW's asking if they could post their stories, something I had not anticipated.

So I have made it a feature and set up a dedicated email address help4exjws

Reading other peoples stories has helped me and seems to help those that share.

This cult has meant I am now isolated from my immediate family (despite one being in active and another being disfellowshipped) and that my innocent Wife and 5 children have no relationship with them. It also means I have no 'friends' and because I am now disabled, no chance to socialise (at the moment).

I have discovered a lot about myself since my disfellowshipping - many of these I discuss on my blog.

I joined here because I am looking to contact like minded folks, who truly understand what I have been through and hopefully can help me in my recovery and likewise may benefit from my experience.

I look forward to speaking with you good people!

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Hi Qookumba - welcome to the Broad Road!

Welcome to The Broad Road!

My sis and I found that was a great way to meet friends with similar interests. Hope that helps.

Otherwise we have lots of groups on FB, and we chat here every Friday.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.