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I'm thankful I was disfellowshiped because...

I will never expose my children to the damage it can cause.



Because I don't have to keep looking back!

Perhaps "disfellowshiped" should say left, since many here are not DFed or DAed.


I'm thankful I left because... Even though I would rather believe there was some loving superbeing looking out for me, I would rather know the real truth no matter what it is.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

because I wouldn't have found my TRUE home in Paganism

because it opened my eyes to see how fucked up it actually is.  Its a cult and it destroys lives and family's. I'm glad to be free to live my life openly and without guilt or fear.

Because making a clear choice based on principle emboldened my son to follow me, and we now live a much better and more fulfilling life. (Without a celestial dictator)