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I'm here because i'm looking for some advices



I'm french so excuse my english. I'm here because my mother is a JW since 2 years, and I discovered it last summer.

I'm 27, I live in my own house with my husband but i have 2 brothers (twins), they have 11 and my mom take them to the JW meetings


I need advices to try to save my mother and my brothers. I'm so desperate. I called a french association for jw victims but they told me that i can do nothing for my mother" !!!

Can you help me ? Thank you

The best way to help them is to learn counter-information yourself, someone she trusts, and try to talk to her about those facts. See the articles and videos here for fuel for the fire, and links to more info on other sites.


I would also suggest the book Combatting Cult Mind Control:


We would be happy to help more, let us know any questions, good luck!

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

I was helped by those scriptures in the Bible which opposed the JW organization doctrines. They were a real eye opener! The use of a Bible concordance..looking up the word, 'brother'..and you will find one of them as well the word, 'sons' and 'truth'. I hope you will do this, as you will be amazed at what you discover and it will free you of any bondage to the JW organization and it's doctrines. Now, if you can share what you learn, then perhaps you can help your family, but of course, only if they will check it out themselves from their own New World translation.

It is ironically apparent that if one looks closely at the Watchtower's references, they gleem from other religious institutions in order to support their stand on a peculiar doctrine; recommending them, yet at the same time, if that institutions publication doesn't coinside with Watchtower writing department and their sentiments, they then will hypocritically condemn them with the rest of Christendom.

I hope this helps.

If only they could visit my blog