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Hilarity in Hindsight

So I was musing today about how humorous things can be looking back in a new light. Of course, even while I was still a JW, my friends/siblings and I would always make light of the most serious things;ex: blasphemy against the holy spirit, the memorial, Armageddon. My watchtowers were littered with speech balloons and sketches, making a mockery of the "sacred publications" (de-facing). I'm sure most of us who were raised as JW's would say the same.

One instance hit me particularly hard. I recalled how as a young teen at the school cafeteria for some reason my guilt ridden conscience forced me to inquire whether the hot dog wieners had by-products in them (from strict instruction from my mother). The cafeteria maid of course looked at me with a puzzled face and confessed she had no idea. I didn't pursue it any further. At least I asked. But one of my school mates had over-heard and began prying to why I asked.  I had two choices. Number one; "it's for health reasons".  Or number two; "Oh, you see my fellow school chum, certain meat companies manufacture an inferior grade  product by filling up their wieners with a slurri of livestock leftovers others known as 'by-products'. Contained within these by-products are often quantities of blood. As a Jehovah's Witness I am obligated to abstain from consuming any amount of blood as our God views it as a sacred life-force. Henceforth, anyone knowingly disobeying his commandment will be deemed blood-guilty and unworthy of everlasting life on a paradise Earth. So you see? My salvation depends on what I eat for lunch."  ....thankfully I went with my gut and chose number 1.

I think finding the humor in our former ignorance, the ridiculousness of biblical dogma, and how it manifested itself in comical situations, should give us some perspective on how far we grown as people. So go ahead and post a funny experience or a satire on biblical beliefs.