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Hello from the midwest

Hello, I live in the Wichita KS area.  Parents brought me to the kingdom hall from birth to probably age 10.  Somehow my father stopped going without being disfellowshipped.  It is really weird as I am unfomfortable asking my dad the true reason he stopped going but he still lives with my mom.  I have older siblings who thankfully also aren't involved.  I no longer beleive in god thanks to my curiosity online.  I have always went to the same school district and was one of the weird kids because i didn't develop many friendships with other kids when I didn't go to their birthdays, celebrate things at school etc.  Not doing pledge of allegiance also isn't a popularity winner.  I think I'm behind a bit socially because of my involvement but I do have friends, a part time job, and attend community college.  Unfortunately I do still live with JW mother. 


I never got to know the side of my family that isn't JW and now I don't really like being around the JWs because they just try to bait me into going to talks.  It is sad b


I would be interested in meeting up with someone who is nearby at some point.  I am 18 and some of the things I like to do are;  play playstation, do a little fishing when it is nice out, i like shooting clays, drinking beer with friends, light/watch fireworks ( yep even on the 4th of July Surprised) , and I am thinking of joining the military.


Anyone live near by want to be buddies?  There is much more to my story of course but I don't want to pour my heart out just yet :D

Thanks for joining and sharing your story Luke. Enjoyed chatting with you also.


I wish I had found out the real truth as young as you, I admire that. You ave your whole life ahead of you to enjoy, don't waste a minute of it.


I hope this site aids you in finding like-minded friends in your area. If you ever visit Florida, hit me up!

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.