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Hello . . ..

I was bought up as a jw, mum was baptised when she was pregnant with me ( life is so unfair at times!!!) she joined because she was terrified of death. It took my dad a couple of years to be converted, I think he only joined because he was so tight and the pull of joining something which would save him money was too strong,  no more christmas, or birthdays or in fact anything else that requires spending money!!!!

I was the perfect jw child, did what was asked of me, when I was 13 my parents decided to take me out of school, so there was no chance of me being influenced by the big bad world, it wasnt discussed with me, why would it, its only my life!!!  I didnt question it because you just didnt question my father, what he said, you did.

When I was 17, I did ask my dad if I could take a break from the meetings just for a few weeks, just to think about everything, being a jw is so full on, I needed breathing space, time to think,  he turned to me and said 'of course my dear, go upstairs and pack your bag and leave this house' . . . . . and I did!!!

Taken me a long time to sort my life out, went throught some shit, but came out a happier person.

Weak people need jehovah

Live life and have fun on the way!!!Tongue out

Hi Free, it's amazing how cold some people can be toward their own child, but just the other day I heard a similar story. Welcome and I look forward to talking to you more.

Thanks for posting your story here freespirit, and enjoyed the chat today.


It sounds like you were always a free spirit, so you had no trouble saying 'right dad, that's an excellent idea...I'll just be packing now'.


Welcome to The Broad Road, look forward to chatting with you more.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.