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I'm short on time this morning, so just a quick intro.

38/male Gulf Shores, AL. Was raised a JW, but never baptized. I guess the cognitive dissonance involved was more than I could stand.

Never having been baptized means technically I'm not an exJW. However being raised in the org, and having a big part of my family still in the org. means that it has been, and still is a factor in my life despite me choosing not to become one of them.

My worldview is atheist. A very secular minded atheist at that.


Look forward to meeting new people here.


Welcome John, thanks for joining us and introducing yourself!

Welcome fellow atheist John!

Anyone who left the bOrg whether baptised or not has been affected by it, so you count bud :)


How long where you in? How has leaving it affected your family life and friends?

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.