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Frustrated and ready to scream

I have been trying to type out my story and my laptop keeps erasing random sentences, even entire paragraphs for no known reason. I feel like I'm being hacked by someone that doesn't want me to write out my feelings! I'm sure someone out there can explain to me in a technical fashion why this sometimes happens when I'm writing an e-mail or trying to type something out. If anyone is computer savvy, please shoot me a line. I'd like to know if this severely irritating glitch can be fixed. Thanks!

I think you will find that your thumb or palm is brushing the touchpad as you type. I have the same problem and yes, it can be very frustrating.

That does sound like the most likely problem. I turn mine off and use a mouse instead.

We would love to hear about you still :)

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

How do I disengage the laptop's touchpad? Just by using a USB mousepad?

If you go to Mouse options in your control panel, you will see a tab called USB Mouse Connection with options for that.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.