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Free at last (about time too)

Hi All,

I was contacted at 16,baptised at 17,married at 18,father at 19.....divorced a few years later. In and out jws for yonks. Finally decided that it really was the TRUTH then doubts crept in! Turned my back on the whole lot and spent 10 years in limbo with guilt complex. Discovered and gradually the REAL truth emerged! Read Crisis of Conscience and have not looked back since though because of the brainwashing and mindset I do have bad moments still and suffer severe depression though I do try to be chirpy and cheerful!

I lost a lot of friends when I left and was a bit of a loner for some time. These friends were conditional friends so not real friends at all.

I now have REAL friends who are more like family to me (at least 3 of them are also members of this site now). I view friendship as UNconditional and lifelong as opposed to the jw view of friendship!

My Daughter has now drifted from the jws with her husband and 2 sons (another due within the next few weeks) Her Mother (remarried) is still an active jw as is my Son-in-laws parents (his father is a min serv).

I had a Stepson who after leaving jws comitted suicide when in his early 20's. The jws have messed so many lives up!


Thanks for sharing your story with us here.


I think you speak for every exJW here when saying that finding out we had conditional friends was sad. I sincerely hope that this place will help us all make more unconditional ones instead.


We are glad to have you here friend!

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Thanks Jeremy. I live 7 doors from the KH in a terraced road in Portsmouth,UK so I see THEM continually. Loads about today...I think it was a funeral!

Frankly,I am not bothered anymore about what happens after you die! If we were meant to know we would and it would not be through some kind of code book (bible). Live a good life and dont tread on anyones toes and if there is something then you'll be there! Thats my belief now.