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Finally see the light

 Hi guy's I'm new to this site. Have been on for a few months and always looking for new friends. I'll tell you a little about myself. My father was in the military for 20 years as a master sergeant when he retired. My grandfather was an old English gentleman who came to the united states from London. My father was stationed in Japan back in 1957 and that's were my life starts. If you ask (NO) I don't speak Japanese. :) My mother is of Norwegian descent. Her family which has all died off as to date were from the Boston mass area. The witnesses were the ones who contacted my mother and got her involved in "THE TRUTH" if that's what you what to call it. We moved back to the united states after I was 4 years old. I do have 5 other siblings as well. My mother swallowed the cult hook line and sinker. Thankfully my father didn't. He died at a young age of cancer. I eventually got involved in the cult not knowing the true origin of its beginning. That's what happens to all of us who are younger(born in).No investigation skills until we start fading and then the real "TRUTH comes to light. I'am a former elder who has faded for about 8 years. I've read both of Ray Franz books " crisis of conscience" and "In search of Christian freedom." Man were my eyes opened. It was like a light turning on in my head. I guess that's what it truly means. The light gets brighter and brighter. Hope to hear from those who have broken free. Kojack57

Welcome to The Broad Road Kojack!


How long were you an elder? What made you start to realize it was all a lie?

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.
Jeremy: I was an elder for 3 years. My daughter got df'd and the the j.c. Treated her like crap when she tried to get reinstated. I cussed the chairman out for allowing it. The 3 elders involved said my daughter was a liar. Later the chairman who abused her with words,removed himself from the committee. Thus showing his guilt. After that I had enough hypocrisy from them and stepped down. How can you serve side by side with a fellow elder who doesn't follow theocratic order? A lot of backbiting goes on within the Borg. If I sat anywhere near her at the meetings they didn't like it. Elders, Elderettes, ect. If I told you everything the worlds books could not contain them.:) She's back in but now is stuck in a mind controlling cult. Hoping eventually she will wake up to what's happening. Hoping for the best. I have to slowly, covertly bring out info so she doesn't shun me. The elders have the shun gun and they won't hesitate to unholster it. Kojack57

Hi Kojack, Welcome to the forum. It would be great chatting to you online (Sundays).


I was born in, eventually made it to congregation elder and left 2009 at the age of 42. I was DF'd last year for apostasy. So I can relate to your story.

Cantleavehasleft: What times are the Sunday chats? Looking forward to chatting with you. Kojack57


Cantleavehasleft: What times are the Sunday chats? Looking forward to chatting with you. Kojack57


Chats are every Sunday at 3pm EST in USA:


Would be interesting to see 2 ex-elders chat it out :)

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

So how long total were you in the cult? Has your family stopped talking to you, or any luck getting some of them out?

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Welcome to the Broad Road!!! Great To have you!

Jeremy: I was baptized at 16 now I'm 55. So it's been 39 years in the cult. I have been hit with the shun gun before in my 20's. Disfellowshipped for refusing to shave off my beard (NO KIDDING). Was out for 5 years joined the army and like a crazy fool came back in. Have a brother and daughter that's in. My brother also a former elder knows of all the hypocrisy and we talk All the time. My daughter still don't realize what's the real deal yet. Jeremy, cantleavehasleft, and solarcloud2: Thanks for the warm welcome.

Sad to hear about those still stuck in, good luck getting them out.

I didn't think they would disfellowship over a beard, since it's not a sin.

But as Angus says, they just kinda do what they want.

Did you do a lot of Dfing?


Chat's about to start btw, luv to have you!

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Oh, and the chat room is here: Enter Chat Room Here

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.