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Does anyone else share this experience?

I have made friends on Facebook mostly with other EX-JW's. I have searched Facebook for some that I know left from my old congregation too. But it's these one's who have nothing to do with me. One former associate who I grew up with apparently is a gay hater, I wrote to him once or twice to get a simple response, which was " Go suck a dick." I guess news travels...LOL Pretty uneducated and childish response,...but hey...LOL

I am so surprised that such a homophobic attitude still exist within the Ex-JW community. But then I am surprised that so many still believe in invisible sky daddies.

I'm sorry you had that experience. You would think that there would be a bit more camaraderie in being an ex-Jwit, but different people probably leave for different reasons, and maybe not all of them noble. I know of an X that even lives in the same town as me and shares the same interests and he avoids me like the flu. I'm not really sure why. Maybe just the ghost of knowing each other when we were still 'in'.