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Clive's story - or part of it

1)  I wrote the following in January 2009 on


This is just an attempt to share with anyone who comes on this site a bit of my personal position re JW religion and spirituality in general.

I have no desire to disrespect or attack anybody for their sincerely-held beliefs.

I assert the right to the same respect, whether or not anyone else agrees with my position and perspective as long as I am not harming anyone else.

One of the conclusions I have come to is that JW religion is not "the truth". I doubt there is any such thing as "the truth", a divinely-revealed, i.e. a divinely ordered system of beliefs and organisation. I do not know if there is a God or even a spiritual dimension to reality and I no longer mind that I do not know, even though I am still interested in all possibilities, including that I have been wrong, but I have tried for many years to resolve my relationship to JW religion and I now have confidence that it isn't the truth. Also I find some of the things in the Bible shocking and dreadful, some other things difficult and still other things beautiful.

Some time after I came to believe that JW religion was not the truth, I also came a conclusion that I have never had any experience to indicate to me that there exists anything like a personal God, with whom I could have a relationship.

I have come to see how much religion and other ideology can be extremely damaging to individuals, and this particularly seems to be fundamentalist religions. I understand the attraction of certainties in an uncertain, precarious and unfair world, but I don't believe the deep emotional need for security makes strong beliefs true and real.

I want to live my life according to what I do know to be real and good and true, to live in the best way I can. I want to be helpful to others and not to harm anyone or anything any more. I find it difficult to live up to this in every way, and I am not comfortable with that and I regret many mistakes. I want to be honest about that and about everything - particularly with myself. I am open to the possibility that there may be more to existence than the purely material, but I am more confident of this material universe and my life now, and of the value of honesty and friendship and kindness and mutual co-operation.

January 2009


2) Update, October 2010:


I now believe that there MAY be a non-material (or other-dimensional?) origin to the uni/multiverse, or that there may be other aspects to existence other than this scientifically observable, measurable universe.  Or there may be nothing else.  I find it hard to conceive that everything could have come from nothing but this is NOT to say that that other explanation has to be simply a Spiritual Personage, An Eternal Being, A God (which could well be a  primitive, or simplistic and western way of explaining things). 

I think there is evidence of highly complex design in nature yet I don't believe this has to mean that there is/was a Designer.  And I think there is much in nature which is harsh and destructive, and which CANNOT be blamed on man, e.g. cosmic collisions, from small to large, including devastating crashes into the earth at various times, also earthquakes, deadly viruses, many of which don't even affect man but other life-forms.  The life of many forms of animal life is very competitive, violent and involving much pain - this could not be blamed on any "sin of Adam" - which strikes me to have been meant as some kind of mythical morality tale rather than to be believed as literally true.  These seem to me to indicate evidence that there is no God who "is Love" and "Light, in whom is no darkness at all".




Thank you.





And I certainly don't think I ever had a prayer answered.

Thanks for sharing your story and being active here.


While I agree that it's possible there are other dimensions, higher intelligence, even a creator of some sort; there simply is no proof nor therefore any good reason to believe. So it's good to be open minded, but skeptical too.


Just my .02 on it.


Look forward to more deep discussions.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.