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Classic Quote

Here's a classic quote from the past.


"But no earthly organization can grant a passport to heavenly glory. The most bigoted sectarian (aside from the Romanist) will not claim, even, that membership in his sect will secure heavenly glory. All are forced to admit that the true Church is the one whose record is kept in heaven, and not earth. They deceive the people by claiming that it is needful to come to Christ through them--needful to become members of some sectarian body in order to become members of "the body of Christ," the true Church. On the contrary, the Lord, while has has not refused any who came to him through sectarianism, and has turned no true seeker away empty, tells us that we need no such hindrances, but could much better have come to him direct. He cries, "Come unto me", "take my yoke upon you, and learn of me", "my yoke is easy and my burden light, and ye shall find rest to your souls." Would that we had given heed to his voice sooner. We would have avoided many of the heavy burdens of sectism, many of its bogs of despair, many of its doubting castles, its vanity fairs, its lions of worldly-mindedness, etc."  -  Charles Taze Russell; Studies in the Scriptures; Volume 3, Study 6.

Great quote from Russell, and also hilarious considering what he started off. Whether religion or politics whenever a new one starts off no matter how good their intentions eventually the new religion/political party becomes what it hates.