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Children's indoctrination video!

I tend to read a lot over on JWR and they've been talking about the new videos. I figured since I didn't see anything here I'd share the one that really disturbs me, "Become Jehovah's Friend."


This movie is about a young boy named Caleb. This poor kid gets harassed for mistakes, for playing like a normal child, and pushed into OBEDIENCE.





From what I hear, they're to be released this summer DC. Someone posted the DVD sections online, the way the parents and the child act are quite well, all though many of us have experienced much worse crap.


First, a small WARNING about the videos. They are full of loaded language, can easily bring back some bad memories, etc. Some people could get quite angry. For me I laughed at how stupid the whole thing was, felt bad for the child as I remember dealing with the same situations. The "Sing With Us" part was the most disturbing to me.


Here's the intro by Anthony Morris III


Here is the first "lesson"


Poor Caleb. His parents need some parenting lessons...bad.


Here is "lesson" 2


And of course, don't forget to "Sing with us" (!!Warning!! This video can be quite disturbing. The chant like singing puts me on edge.)


From what I've been reading, MANY JWs have been claiming this is an apostate video. I wonder how they'll react when they receive it at their next DC.

Thanks for posting! They are truly desperate releasing this kind of propaganda. Caleb is going to need some serious therapy...

Thanks Cacique for sharing. I finally got around to writing an article on it and starting a protest against it:

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

This shit is HILARIOUS. What saddens me is that my generation never got cool ass indoctrinating cartoons. Come to think of it, I vividly remember their being a talk during an assembly about how what set JWs apart from other religions was that they didn't have indoctrinating cartoons and that the organization relied on the parents to do the child rearing and not the church (something like that). To add to the apostate claim, I noticed the poor reception from my mother as well. She seemed uneasy about the DVD and hasn't been as pushy to show it to her grandchildren as she is with other publications.