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Can someone explain....

What is meant by 'fading'. This is a new one on me. I left JW 22 years ago and it's a term I have not come across.


I can guess it means slowly drifting away from your congregation, but it seems to have greater meaning / connotation that just that




Fading, is trying to exit without being Dis-fellowshipped or disassociating. This is the preferred exit if you have family in and don't want to be shunned. The trouble is some family and friends will shun anyway as they see you as bad association.Cry

Fading- Ha... I guess that's what I was doing for awhile.  I stopped going to meetings and was just living my own life.  Some of the witnesses I knew then went out of their way to have me talk to some elders in what I believe was their way to get me d-fed, which I eventually was.  I think they were seeking me out to be d-fed.  I just think its so ridiculous.   I have lost pretty much all of my friends.  Luckily most of my family were never witnesses so I still am 'allowed' to talk to them, lol.

My wife and I tried this as I was aware of the procedures and wanted to try to make it possible for friends and family to still communicate with us.  Unfortunately, it didn't make any difference.  We are still treated as if we were disfellowshipped.  It might work for you, though, if you have the right family or friends.

You might find this article about fading informative on the subject:

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