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Bring to ruin those ruining the earth,trees,WTBTS

I never found statistics on the amount of paper the WTBTS wastes, but I think they're might be a little hypocritical by parading the "he will bring to ruin those ruining the earth" verse that they always quote. It got me curious and I decided to crunch some numbers...


They print 42 million Washtowels a month, more than any other magazine in the world ( This is a stupendous amount of paper when you consider the number of other things they also publish.


The WTBTS does not release numbers on other printing endeavours, but just for argument sake let's say that the monthly printing of Awakes, NWT's, tracts, brochures, song books, daily texts, memorial invites, time slips, member's only WT's, simpleton version of the WT, large print WT, discarded excess paper, misprints, thicker paper book covers, boxes for shipping, paper records, and all the other books combined uses the same amount of paper (although I would feel pretty safe guessing that the number is higher) as their monthly Watchtower printing.


So, 42 million public Washtowels a month, at 32 pages each (16 pieces of paper) = 672,000,000 pieces of paper a month X 2 (as per above conservative guesstimate on total printing of everything else that they do) gives us 1,344,000,000 pieces of paper a month, 16,128,000,000 pieces of paper a year.


Paper is generally made from pine trees, with the average tree yielding 80,500 sheets of paper (


So, using rough math based on their own data and some other referenses, the WTBTS is devouring at least 200,387 trees a year.


According to the US forest service, there was an estimated 286,464,432 live timberland trees in the US in 2002 (their count did not include Alaska, and this count is undoubtedly a lower number now):


Using a program to count the number of blue pixels in the map below and using the figures above, I made a graphical representation of the number of estimated trees eaten by the WTBTS every YEAR (orange square) vs the government's live timber count. This orange block representing the annual tree usage looks small, but is roughly the same size as all but one of the Hawaiian islands and some of the the smaller states too. If they're monthly printing of everything other than the public Watchtower is larger than that of the public Watchtower (which I think it is) then this box grows even larger.




I'm sure you'll agree, whether you did this yourself or not, that a large percentage of JW's don't even come close to reading each Watchtower, nevermind all the other books and brochures that they spam everyone with. Nevermind the percentage of "placed" pieces of literature being read... most of which wind up in laundromat garbage cans. Add in all the fuel and energy used to print this trash, and we have a printing, real estate, and holdings corporation that is throwing a massive amount of our dwindling tree growth straight down the drain.


If I didn't calculate something right or if I left anything out let me know. I haven't had my coffee yet.


Curiosity turned off... back to work...


I love it when people call the Watch Tower  Littertrash, Wastes of paper - that exactly what it is.....

It would appear the ruining of the Earth goes further than chopping down trees, they are being investigated for dumping toxic printing waste illegally too.