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Birthday party

 This past Saturday my wife and I went to a birthday party for my grandson. This is my biological grandson and my current wife not. My son in law has been investigating the WTB&TS who is not a jdub but my daughter is. We have been talking quite extensively about the BORG and its eye opening corruption and we have been talking about how we can free her from this devastating CULT. That of course is another subject altogether. I'm a former elder and a successful fader of 8 years. My daughter knows that I've read Ray Franz's books because she has seen them sitting on my table when she came to visit. She even picked it up and browsed through "Crises of conscience" and I had a long talk with her about it. But as you know the kool aid she's drinking is pretty strong so I have to be patient. My concern right now is when my daughter sees the pictures her husband took if she see's them, I probably have put myself at risk of detection. Oh, you know the little man will be talking about grandad coming to his party because I haven't done that before until now. I'm also surprised I haven't heard any flax about the books. She is a narc in the utmost degree. If it happens oh well,that's how he cookie crumbles. I'm not afraid of what may happen, but I work for a jdub and that is my only concern. ( My job) Well I'm waiting for the hatchet to fall but hoping for the best because I can't help those I care about if I get hit with the SHUN GUN. Kojack57

He can't legally fire you for changing religion, would be a huge lawsuit. That being said, he may try to find another reason, be on your toes.


I hope you will be able to finally find your way into the chat this Friday :)

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.
Hi Jeremy: I found out the other day that I couldn't use the I-pad for chat, so I will be using my wife's computer,now that I know it works. That was the frustrating problem all along. I will definitely chat with you guys this Friday for sure. Talk to you later, brother.

Awesome, look forward to having ya!

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Sorry if no one mentioned that couldn't be in the chat yesterday, I have company in town and we had conflicting plans. I'll catch ya next time, but glad to hear you made it.

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Hey Kojak, when I left the Witnesses I was working a company owned by dubs and I had exactly the same concerns.


I wish i had some advise other than what Jeremy said, they can not fire you for changing religion, and if they make your life hell that is classed as constructive dismissal, and you can sue.