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Amish: Out of the Order - NatGeo TV Show

I just watched this interesting show on National Geographic that I thought was really interesting called “Amish: Out of the Order”. It was really interesting seeing them come from no electricity, etc. to driving cars and smoking/drinking and all.


So many of them would end up going back simply because they missed their families so much. Others would sneak up close at night just so they could hear them singing. Sad.


It was also funny that they met a kid on a buggy in the middle of the night to smuggle him in a radio! I don't know how anyone could go back after tasting the outside. One girl was headed back after a couple years of being out, and she was talking about how she was going to miss her car.


I could relate to the way they felt about losing their families and the lifestyle they grew up knowing. Any JW would watch this saying how crazy this all was because of their wrong faith, when they do the exact same thing to their families.


Great watch, I highly recommend.


Videos here:

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Have you seen Amish Mafia? I don't know what to think of it.