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Aloha nui loa.  With much love.


I noticed my age next to my (missing)avatar -- wow, how did I ever get this old?  LOL  Truly, I had no concept of aging past about 44 -- when the new millenium changed in 2000.  Funny, that, because I'd faded in 1976-77, and told my dad, an elder, in 1982 that I wasn't about to return -- espcially since I'd need to go thru a JC.  "The prodigal son didn't have to go through a Judicial Committee(tm), why should I have to?"  and pat answer, "to keep the congregation clean."  "Well, why didn't the 'congregation' back then see the need to make the prodigal son go through a JC?"  no answer.  So my parents shunned me after helping me move out into my own apartment (I had moved in briefly when I left 'that good JW man' I married in 1975 -- violent alcoholic).


I mostly ignored (and was embarrased) that I'd been a JW.  It was the '80's and I raised all sorts of fun hell, all sorts of things I would be df'd for.  As I told my dad, when I die, I will stand tall before Jehovah Jesus and the 144,000 with all that I have done, good and bad.


In 2004 I found JWD (now JWN) and the final leg of my JW recovery began.  I've made some great friends along the way.  Thanx to Facebook, I've reunited with friends from my youth who have never been on a JW discussion board and aren't interested. I've also met up with internet friends while travelling -- we went to England in 2006 because it was Englishman's birthday!  Had a blast and met other ex's.


My name is Brenda Cloutier and I'd love to meet old friends.  But I'm just as tickled making new friends.


Nice looking new board.  I wish the owners/managers well.