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Hello All,


I just found this forum and am learning my way around.


 I was born-in, babptized at 12 and started drifting away around age 17. I was never disfellowshipped, but by rights..I should have been. My parents are elderly, and still very much involved in the religion. I had totally mentally dissaociated myself until a couple of years ago, when I moved them to Ohio to be closer to me because of medical conditions. That is why I sought out information online. At that point, I really thought it was a harmless organization that I just didn't "get" and that it might even be the truth. I still thought every disaster might be Armageddon. I wouldn't have admitted this to myself, but I did think it and felt guilty about not being involved anymore.

After much research, I realized the org is not harmless, as I had thought, and not only did my research put a stop to those "armageddon" fears, I came to realize I had never really believed the bible. I am now an agnostic, but quickly becoming atheist. That being said, I am not an angry atheist, and have no problem with people believing in whatever it is they believe in. This doesn't make for really interesting debates from me.

Okay, so there it is and here I am. I'm Amy, as my profile name hints at. I look forward to being a part of the forum.




Welcome, thanks for posting!

Welcome to TBR! Enjoyed meeting you in the chat room today also, please don't be a stranger.


I too believed for many years after leaving that the end was still coming, it was only about a year or 2 ago I did the research necessary to remove the brainwashing and live a full life.


Hope to chat again soon!

The real truth will stand up to any scrutiny.

Thanks to you both! I look forward to joining the chat on Friday.