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Is Blind Obedience to a group of men Biblical?first: nugget 06/02/13last: nugget 06/02/13I wish to start this post by stating that this article can be of assistance when discussing with JWs their blind obedience to...
Classic Quotefirst: RR144 05/15/13last: thinkngal 05/19/13Here's a classic quote from the past.
Freedom?first: tinysadpanda 03/14/12last: RR144 05/14/13Leaving the truth is supposed to mean Im on my way to freedom?  Freedom?  I just cant get my head around that.  I didn't view...
I'm thankful I was disfellowshiped because...first: silvergirl 06/13/11last: Vires_Eternus 04/18/13I will never expose my children to the damage it can cause.   ADD YOURS!
Abuse cases? Non-sexual?first: timbabcock87 02/04/13last: timbabcock87 02/04/13I have read much about sexual violence, abuses, Pedophiles, etc. I have never though seen muc...
Children's indoctrination video!first: Cacique 05/31/12last: leeth 11/24/12I tend to read a lot over on JWR and they've been talking about the new videos. I figured since I didn't see anything here I'...
Walking away is only the startfirst: nugget 02/09/12last: nugget 11/11/12 Being part of a high control group is similar to being institutionalised. You rely on someone else ...
Is your religion a cult?first: anonread 10/04/12last: cantleavehasleft 10/09/12 
Can someone explain....first: Massive_Swindle 12/23/10last: Jeremy 07/15/12What is meant by 'fading'. This is a new one on me. I left JW 22 years ago and it's a term I have not come across.  
Jehovah's Witnesses and the End of the Worldfirst: anonread 07/04/12last: Jeremy 07/12/12
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